Please find below the presentations of the second edition of the MX School, held 8th-11th February 2010 at the ESRF.


Symmetry and data collection theory - Ed Hough

Better data collection practices: Beamline productivity - James Holton

Sample Management - Your experiment from home to the beamline and back - Elspeth Gordon

Crystal Screening - The DNA/EDNA project - Olof Svensson

Strategies for data collection - Sasha Popov

Strategies for data collection - Sandor Brockhauser

Data Processing and Scaling - Harry Powell

Are my data good enough for experimental phasing ? - Gordon Leonard

Has my experiment worked ? - Santosh Panjikar

Microfocusing - recent development for a better use of a microbeam - David Flot

Getting better data diffraction - on line crystal dehydration - Silvia Russi

The SAXS beamline - Adam Round

New frontiers in anomolous phasing - Marc Schiltz

Other ways to solve a structure ab initio - Daniele de Sanctis

Radiation Damage - Martin Weik

Complementary spectroscopic techniques for protein X-ray crystallography - the new Cryobench - Antoine Royant