Please find below PDFs of the presentations made at the MX School held at the ESRF from the 2nd to the 5th February 2009 (following the order of the agenda):


An introduction to data collection theory - E Hough (University of Tromso)

Better datacollection practices - S McSweeney (ESRF)

Radiation Damage - M Weik (IBS, Grenoble)

Kappa Goniometers - A McCarthy (EMBL, Grenoble)

Calculating strategies for data collection - A Popov (ESRF)

Crystal Screening - The DNA/EDNA project - O Svensson (ESRF)

Long wavelength data collection - why and how ? - G Leonard (ESRF)

Collecting data on microfocus beamlines - P Edwards (MRC-LMB, UK)

Data processing and scaling - H Powell (MRC-LMB, UK)

Has my experiment worked ? MAD/SAD - T Schneider (EMBL, HH)

Has my experiment worked ? MR - S Panjikar (EMBL, HH)

Getting better diffraction - on-line crystal dehydration - J Sanchez-Weatherby (EMBL, Grenoble)

Off- and On-line spectrophotometry - D Bourgeois (IBS, Grenoble)

On-line X-ray fluorescence emission analysis - C Muller-Dieckmann (ESRF)

The ESRF SAXS beamline - A Round (EMBL, Grenoble)