mxCuBE issues

  • Sample camera view is frozen or there is no sample video
      • Restart the Prosilica server and mxCuBE ( "bliss_dserver restart Prosilica" or "bliss_dserver stop Prosilica" followed by "bliss_dserver start Prosilica on a control PC shell)
  • Cannot contact LDAP server
      • Restart MxCuBE


Diffractometer issues

  • Centring is not working properly
      • Check that one of the two centring motors (sampx or sampy) are not on a motor limit (see error message in spec(exp)); if it is true, them check that the cap is well mounted on the rotation axis.
      • In can be a zoom issue, try to home its position by typing in spec "zoom_init". If it does not fix the problem try to home all diffractometer motors: on ID29 type in spec, "microdiff_init" on other beamlines, "minidiff_init"
  • Autocentring is not working
      • Restart  mxCuBE
  • Cannot move any MiniDiff Motors
      • MiniDiff is locked. In spec type "SCMinidiffGetControl"

Beam issues

  •  No beam on diffration image - no beamstop shadow - blank images
      • Check that Front End is open, if not open it and set it to automatic (click on Start Auto)
      • On Pilatus check the transmission; check images at higher zoom - shadow might be there but contrast not best one
      • Check fast shutter
      • More


Detector issues

  • Problem in starting data collection - detector issues
      • For Pilatus see here for ADSC see here


Remote access