These instructions are intended for local contacts or Bliss contacts in the case when there is a problem with DNA and neither Olof (2495) nor Romeu (2637) are at work and hence can't intervene.

If there is a problem with DNA, DNA can be started in safemode.

Before starting DNA in safemode please make sure that the problem persists after a restart of  DNA & MXcube.

The origin of the problem for DNA can be either version related (old or new bug in the current version etc.) or related to the computer on which DNA runs (/tmp full, problem with stuck processes etc.) Therefore the safemode both switches the computer which runs DNA and the version to an older version known to work.

Here are the steps for starting DNA in safemode:

  1. Open a terminal on the beamline control (MxCuBE) computer and type dna --SAFEMODE
  2. The dna startup script will print out a message saying that the file $BLISSADM/local/HardwareRepository/dnaconnection.xml must be modified; Log-in to this computer as blissadm and change the entry <dnahost> to one of the local processing/backup computer name (e.g. pc141data)
  3. Once this file has been modified, restart MxCuBE
  4. Modify the icon "Start DNA", instead of "dna" write
    "dna --SAFEMODE".
  5. Start DNA and verify that the problem has disappeared.

Please don't forget to send an email to Olof so that he can fix the problem and remove the safemode startup of DNA on that beamline.