Once your data are collected by our beamline staff, you can retrieve them directly from your Nice account (login and password will be provided on the first MXpress trial) through secure FTP (SFTP) from your computer.

For Windows-based computers

The ESRF computing services provide a good web page describing what program to install and how to set it up in order to get SFTP working from your site.

Most probably you will have to ask your network administrator to allow you to access port 5022 with SSH protocol on Here is some further technical help:

  • Once you've installed the SSH client from our web page, you have a choice of 2 programs that you can use: "SSH Secure Shell Client" and "SSH Secure File Transfer"
  • Launch "SSH Secure File Transfer" : you get a window with 2 navigation zones side by side, the one on the left shows your folders on the PC, the one on the right is empty.
  • Click on "Quick Connect" and enter:
    • Hostname: firewall.esrf.fr
    • Username: your username on NICE
    • Port Number: 5022
    • Authentication Method: leave the default
  • Click on Connect - the first time you get a message about authentication keys, save them if you don't want to see this message again. - then enter your password 
  • The right navigation zone is now filled with a list of your folders and files on NICE, you can drag and drop files or folders between the 2 navigation windows to transfer them.
  • When you have finished, click on the icon showing a screen with a red bar across it to disconnect (or go to the menu File/Disconnect) and exit the program.

For Unix/Linux-based computers

ssh -X -p 5022 experiment_number@firewall.esrf.fr

and to ftp use sftp

sftp -X -oPort 5022 experiment_number@firewall.esrf.fr

You can also use some client to access (for example FileZilla)


rsync -ruvz -e 'ssh -p 5022' --progress experiment_number@firewall.esrf.fr:/data/visitor/experiment_number/date/beamline

experiment number being of the type fx##, ix##, mx### or ihr##

date is the data of the experiment in YYYYMMDD and beamline is the beamline where data were collected



If ssh doesn't work it may be because the ESRF has changed the incoming server or its host_key. In that case remove the entry for firewall.esrf.fr in the file ~/.ssh/known_hosts ans try again.