SpectraSuite freezes during start

If SpectraSuite does not start properly but stops at its colorful logo, then you most likely need to reset the spectrometer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • unplug the USB cable from the spectrometer,
  • plug the USB cable into the spectrometer again,
  • double-click on the "little pink worm" icon on the desktop ("revive OO"),
  • either close and restart SpectraSuite, or select "Edit" -> "New" -> "Spectrum Graph" from the SpectraSuite menu.

...and things should be back to normal.

SpectraSuite stops recording spectra

The HR2000(+) spectrometers have a habit of sometimes crashing during a measurement. When this happens, new spectra are not acquired (or displayed) anymore.

To fix this, follow the steps described above for "SpectraSuite freezes during start".