The HPMX laboratory offers the following methods:

  • High pressure freezing of biological crystalsPhase diagram of water


  • Noble gas labelling (Argon or krypton) of crystallized proteins


  • Oxygen labelling of crystallized proteins

All these Methods are described in detail in the subsections below. These pages will give you a better understanding of the capabilities of the high pressure cells, and few examples are given to show the type of scientific questions that can be adressed. If you are insterted, don't hesitate to contact us. Please read also carefully the safety regulations to the HPMX lab. As a basic reminder, users are never allowed to come to freeze samples without prior agreements of the persons in charge of HPMX lab or the ESRF safety officer. However, users might use the HPMX wetlab after agreement of a local contact, in that case the wetlab will serve only to handle/prepare samples for a regular diffraction experiment on a beamline.