Applying for high pressure experiments

The service offered by the high pressure laboratory (HPMX), is best used prior to a regular visit scheduled on any of the ESRF MX beamlines. Please mention in the regular application for a diffration experiment that you also would need to use the high pressure laboratory.  

Please get in contact with us at least two weeks prior to your scheduled trip by writing an email either to or to In this mail, we need to know your experiment number (MX number), the protein of interest, the date the experiment is planned and the reason why you would like to use the HPMX facility. All samples dealt with at the HPMX facility need to be described in the A-form and in the experiment declaration form for safety approval prior of the experiment.

Note: Any specific instrument or chemical that you plan to bring to the ESRF require to be strictly declared and approved to/by the safety group.