The cooled nitrogen stream is provided by an Oxford Cryostream 700 series from Oxford Cryosystems fitted with a Superdryer. A liquid Nitrogen dewar support the Oxford Cryostream controller and the superdryer device. This dewar is refilled automatically.

An oxygenometer located on the wall on the right hand side of the experimental hutch controls the oxygen concentration in the experimental hutch. If this concentration drops under 17%, that could happen when the nitrogen is spitted out during the refilling procedure and the experimental hutch door is closed, the Gaz Warning System will be activated (Alarm + Flashing Light). In that case, the procedure to follow is sticked on the wall next to the preparation bench.

The Oxford Cryostream 700 series is composed of two devices the head fitted on the standed flowing the nitrogen stream on the sample and the controller. The controller provides access to the main function of the Cryostream.

The Oxford Cryostream head is fitted on a three axis device allowing the perfect alignment of the stream on the sample. A pneumatic translation has been also added for the sample changer which will be implemented on the beamline in the near future.