• Gödze Dere successfully defends her thesis on Microstructure Control of Fire-Resistant Low-Alloy Steel

Gozde Dere PhD ceremony2.JPG


  • September 2013. The new ESS Genesys Mass Spectrometer is installed on BM26A.  The gas handling system on the beam line allows samples to be exposed to pressures up to 30 Bar with high precision flow rates. The new mass spectrometer system completes the infrastructure for time-resolved operando condition EXAFS/XANES for catalytic applications.

  • On the 30th April 2013 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated, after long and faithful service in favor of her son the new King Willem Alexander. The users on the Dutch Belgian beamline BM26B celebrated by dressing in the colours of the House of Orange (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Orange-Nassau)

users celebrating

  • On BM26B a new table is installed which allows a rapid change between the macro- and microfocus options. An easy changeover between the normal 300 micron beam size and the microfocus from the Compound Refractive Lenses or Kirckpatrick-Baez system is now enabled.
  • In the 2012/2013 winter shutdown the company IDT (http://www.idtnet.co.uk) installed a new monochromator crystal cage and encoder system on BM26A. This allows a rapid changeover between Si 111 and Si311 crystals and extends the workable energy range beyond 40 keV.

  • On BM26A a collimating mirror is installed. This mirror will be commissioned in the two weeks after the ESRF upgrade shutdown. [March 2012]
  • The new GDA software has been successfully tested on the SAXS beamline and will be fully operational when the beam returns after the shutdown. The new software was required since the older data acquisition software relied on, by now, obsolete hardware.
    The old software, although not always working flawless, had been used on the beamline since the startup of the SAXS beamline without the requirement of major upgrades or maintenance. The original programmers who created this piece of software deserve our applause for this. [March 2012]
  • We are proud to announce that the data collected at the DUBBLE beamlines yielded 600 publications. [May 2011]
  • Henk Lekkerkerker (Utrecht University), long time DUBBLE user and staunch supporter of the DUBBLE project, reaches the age of 65. This is celebrated with a special edition of Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 2011. The editorial to this special edition you'll find below. [May 2011]
    A. V. Petukhov, W. Kegel and J. van Duijneveldt, Editorial: Colloidal suspensions, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23 (2011), no. 19, 190201.
  • A Pilatus 1M detector has been installed on the SAXS/WAXS beamline in January 2011.
    The device is now fully operational together with the existing Pilatus 300K-W.
    The funds for the Pilatus 1M have been obtained from the NWO through the Middelgroot program. [Feb 2011]
  • One hundred PhD theses exploit data acquired at the DUBBLE beamlines. [Feb 2011]



  • The Proceedings of the 2009 conference on Synchrotron Radiation in Polymer Science (SRPS 4) which was co-organized by DUBBLE, are available on line. [Dec 2010]
  • We are proud to announce that the data collected at the DUBBLE beamlines yielded more than 500 publications. [Jun 2010]