January 2004

The Spanish Secretary of State for Science and Technology, Pedro Morenés, visit BM25.


December 11, 2003

Front end opened.


June 1998 - 2000

Design, building and installation of the office and the support laboratory (Pluo UE, 120m2).


June 1998

Project approval "Construcción de una línea española en el ESRF" (Building of an experimental spanish beamline at the ESRF) by the standing committee of CICYT.


January - May 1998

Drawing up the project (INTERGRADO) "Construcción de una línea española de experimentación en el ESRF" (Building of an experimental spanish beamline at ESRF).


November 1997

Signing of the contract to build the beamline between CICYT and ESRF. Valid from January 1st, 1998. The duration planned for five years. Ending December 31st, 2002.


June 1997

The project had the support of SAC-ESRF. Spanish CRG Beamline - SpLine


April 1997

Approval of the project by the Comisión Nacional de Radiación Sincrotrón CICYT.


September 1996

Beginning of the conceptual design of the project. Enquiry the Spanish scientist community to determine the needs in synchrotron radiation.