The beamline is intended for structural and electronic investigations using hard X-ray scattering mostly in materials science, specialized on X-ray scattering and spectroscopy techniques. Special effort will be undertaken to combine hard X-ray scattering and spectroscopy techniques under same acquisition/experimental conditions. Experiments at real industrial and/or in-operando conditions will also be accessible at the beamline. BM25-SpLine will incorporate high technology equipment for the realization of materials science experiments, especially in the area of X-ray scattering and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Special care will be taken to attend/develop research activities in catalysis, magnetism, superconductivity, strongly correlated systems, fuel cells, batteries, energy-related systems, etc.  Due to the exceptional characteristics of the new EBS source, and the properties of the present and future BM25 experimental stations many emerging fields can be addressed, as for example:

Nanoscience and nanotechnology

  • Microelectronics
  • Microelectronic devices
  • Semiconductor sensors
  • Hetero-epitaxial growth         
  • Low dimensional magnetic systems at surfaces
  • Single objects at surfaces and interfaces
  • Surface dynamics
  • Medicine
  • Environmental sciences
  • Catalysis

Nanomagnetism, Spintronics and their Applications

  • Skyrmions and non Fermi liquid
  • Metal-insulator transitions
  • Supersoft elastic properties driven by strain

Multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials/Nanomaterials

  • High-Tc ferromagnetism
  • fuel cell 
  • solar cell
  • half-metallic oxide thin film
  • magnetic semiconductor

Correlation effects in heterostructures

  • Interface between strongly correlated materials
  • Optical conductivity
  • Thermoelectricity

Ultrathin materials

  • Graphene
  • Germanene
  • Silicene
  • Photonic applications


  • Crystalline structure under real condition

  • Real time and in-operando experiments

  • High energy resolution HAXPES

  • Fast compositional and electronic depth profiles

  • Non-destructive magnetic depth profiles

  • Small-molecule Crystallography

  • Structural, compositional and electronic X-ray microscopy