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ID03 - Surface Diffraction Beamline


The beamline is dedicated to the in-situ studies of the structure and morphology of surfaces. It hosts two diffractometers, one for UHV studies and one that can host different user-specific apparatuses. Real-time experiments are possible, giving the possibility of studying growth processes or reaction at surfaces (as heterogenous catalysis).
Status:  closed


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences


  • Surface science
  • Nanoscience
  • Catalysis
  • Liquid-solid interfaces
  • Solid-Solid interfaces
  • Growth
  • Surface phase transitions


  • Anomalous diffraction
  • DAFS - diffraction anomalous fine structure
  • GID - grazing incidence diffraction
  • GISAXS - grazing incidence small-angle scattering
  • MOKE - magnetic optical Kerr effect
  • Resonant diffraction
  • SXRD - surface X-ray diffraction
  • XRR - X-ray reflectivity

Energy range

  • 5.0 - 30.0  keV

Beam size

  • Minimum (H x V) : 3.0 x 2.0  µm²
  • Maximum (H x V) : 600.0 x 600.0  µm²

Sample environments

  • UHV end station:
  • -Pressure range 10^-10 mbar - 1 bar
  • -T range 15K - 2000K
  • -Quartz balance
  • -Auger electron spectroscopy (AES)
  • -e-beam evaporators
  • -Knudsen cells
  • Flow reactor
  • -pressure range: min pressure 10^-9 mbar
  • -pressure range in flow conditions: 10 mbar - 2 bars (up to 5 is possible)
  • -mass flow controller for oxygen, carbon mono-oxide, argon, methane, and other gases on request
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -e-beam evaporator
  • -Mass spectrometer
  • Batch reactor
  • -pressure range 1*10^-9 mbar - 3 bars
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -mass spectrometer
  • Batch reactor for harsh conditions (suitable for use with HCl, H2S gases and similar)
  • -pressure range 1*10^-9 mbar - 3 bars
  • -T range 300K - 1200K
  • -ion sputtering
  • -mass spectrometer


  • Maxipix 2D pixel detector standard on both diffractometers
  • Scintillator counter with energy analyzer
  • Avalanche photodiode
  • FReLon CCD camera
  • MAR CCD camera
  • Sensicam

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