Poster Session and prize

Zoom M E E T I N G

Poster session

The Poster Session will take place on Monday 8 February (05:00 PM – 06:00 PM CET) during the first day of the meeting.

The participants of the User Meeting are strongly encouraged to submit posters on their recent work using data collected at the ESRF.

Participants can register their poster until 20 January 2021, but upload the PDF file and/or MP4 video teaser of the poster until 4 February 2021! However, to participate in the Best Poster Prize, participants must submit the PDF of their poster before 20 January 2021.

Organisation of the remote poster session

  • Submitted posters will be grouped by topic/field of research:
    • Complex Systems and Biomedical Sciences
    • Electronic Structure, Magnetism & Dynamics
    • Matter at Extremes
    • Structural Biology
    • Structure of Materials
    • X-Ray NanoProbe
    • Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Industry
    • Beamline Instruments & Methods
    • Other
  • One Zoom meeting will be scheduled for each topic/field of research.
  • Inside each meeting (topic/field of research), each poster submitted will be assigned a Zoom breakout room.
  • Poster presenters will be automatically moved to their own room when connecting to the poster session (link provided by the organisers).
    Important: please make sure you select the correct topic/field of research when registering your poster.
  • Poster participants will be able to change room and interact with the other attendees.
  • All User Meeting participants will be provided with the poster session Zoom meeting links.

Poster slam

In order to promote your poster to the User Meeting participants, before the event, we will create a virtual poster slam.

Therefore we encourage you to also upload on the registration form, a 1 minute (maximum 1min15) teaser video where you rapidly present your poster without going into too much detail, to keep the surprise for the poster session!

You can film your video with your phone or using Zoom:

General advice for an effective video

  • Just say enough about your work to pique the viewer's interest: this is a teaser, not a whole presentation!
  • Stick to a 1 minute long video (1min15 max).
  • Make sure you are looking at the camera.
  • Make sure your shot is not too close-up, so that viewers can see at least from the head to the chest.
  • Make sure you do not have the sun (or a light source) behind you.
  • Don't wear clothes with small patterns or stripes as they can produce strange visual effects on screen.
  • Make sure your background isn't too messy.

Requirements and tips when filming with a phone

  • Make sure the aspect ratio is 1920 x 1080.
  • Film horizontally (NOT vertically).
  • Check that the format of the video is mp4.
  • Place your phone at the same height as your face.
  • Place your phone on a tripod or a stable surface.

Tips when filming with Zoom

  • Make sure your face is not too high or too low in front of the camera of your computer.
  • Use the "Share Screen" feature of Zoom to display one or two catchy pictures if you wish, but don't disclose all the contents of the poster. Keep the surprise for the poster session!

The virtual poster slam will be shared with the User Meeting participants only (it will not be public), so they can have a preview of all the posters that will presented during the poster session. The links to the poster slam will be sent to all UM participants a few days before the event.


20 January 2021 Registration of posters which will appear in the booklet and on the UM2021 webpages (no late registration accepted).
4 February 2021 Submission of the poster PDF and video MP4 teaser.

Embargo policy: Authors of poster(s) reporting work which may fall under an "embargo policy" should register their poster providing only the name of the author(s), the poster title and the field of research, and should NOT send the the PDF file of their poster. These posters will therefore NOT be eligible for the ESRF Best Poster Prize.

Best poster prize

Chair: Thomas Buslaps (ESRF & User Organisation)

Two Best Poster Prizes of 400 Euro each will be awarded: one for Life Sciences and one for Hard Condensed Matter Science.

The posters will be judged by the eight members of the User Organisation and the winners announced on Tuesday 9 February, during the Plenary Session (04:50 PM – 05:00  PM).


20 January 2021 Submission of posters for the Best Poster Prize (no late registration accepted).


How to submit your poster file and your video:

  • Posters MUST BE REGISTERED through the electronic registration form.
  • Select the correct topic/field of research to which your poster belongs to.
  • Do not submit an abstract for your poster.
  • Save and submit your document under your family name to facilitate its further processing (e.g.: SMITH_UMPoster.pdf).
  • Upload the pdf file of your poster.
  • Upload your video for the poster slam.

If you wish your poster to be eligible for the Best Poster Prize:

  • Tick the box "I wish to participate in the Best Poster Prize" when registering your poster.


Instructions for Participants

See "Poster session presenters"