Scope of the Taco - Tango meeting

The aim of this workshop was to bring together TACO and TANGO users to present and discuss new developments. The emphasis was on TACO, why and how to move from TACO to TANGO, Python/Java/C++ applications applications for beamline control. Sharing know-how and solutions in these areas was useful for all participants. We also got feedback on how to improve TANGO (or TACO) to better serve the needs of the application programmers.

List of Talks

  • Introduction (W.D. Klotz, ESRF)
  • Status and future of TACO (A.Goetz, ESRF)
  • NICOS, a Python based interpreter (T.Unruh, FRMII)
  • MySQL for TACO (J.Krueger, FRMII)
  • OpenDave, graphical tool for analysis (J.Beckman, FRMII)
  • Instruments using TACO at Julich (M.Drochner, Juelich)
  • TACO-based developments at ROBL (W.Oehme, CRG)
  • Status and future of TANGO (E.Taurel, ESRF)
  • New ESRF beamline control system (A.Homs, ESRF)
  • Why and how to move to TANGO (A.Goetz, ESRF)
  • Instruments using TACO at Lure (L.Roussier, Lure)
  • A Python data acquisition client (L.Pointal, Lure)

Discussion Sessions

  • What would you like improved in TACO ?
  • What would you like improved in TANGO ?
  • What problems do you see moving to TANGO ?

Online demos

  • Writing TANGO device servers
  • Converting a TACO server to a TANGO server
  • Data display in Python


List of participants

Chairman: Andy GOETZ



Local Organising Committee:



Jean-Michel Chaize
Andy Goetz
Jorg Klora
Wolf-Dieter Klotz
Emmanuel Taurel

Administrative Coordinators:

Christine Madonna
Anne-Francoise Maydew
Fabienne Mengoni

Dates: Wednesday and Thursday,14-15 November 2001

Venue: ESRF meeting room 500


Attendance to the meeting was limited to 35 participants.
The workshop was free of charge except for the dinner, which was held on the evening of Nov. 14th to continue discussions in a more congenial atmosphere.
Proceedings of the workshop were composed after the meeting.

Report (rather see pictures? ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

This congenial workshop was held on the 14-15 November at the ESRF about TACO and TANGO, the two object-oriented control systems developed at the ESRF. The workshop brought together users of TACO and future users of TANGO to share solutions and discuss future developments. The users came from FRMII (Münich, Germany), KfZ (Jülich, Germany), Lure (France), ESRF CRG's (German, Spanish, French), EMBL (Grenoble), Soleil (France) and the ESRF. A total of about 30 people attended. The discussions were very fruitful and there was a lot of exchange in the area of beamline control. The results of the workshop were that TACO offers most of what all users need, only a few minor improvements were requested. TANGO needs event handling and should be well integrated with TACO. Python is the main scripting language used for beamline control.
A CD of the proceedings was brought out during the workshop and distributed to all participants.