A workshop was held at Archamps (Haute Savoie) next to Geneva on Saturday 8 October 2005 just before the ICALEPCS 2005 conference in Geneva.

The workshop final agenda.

The official ICALEPCS' pictures of the workshop.

More photos from the workshop - 1  2  3  4  5

The workshop was aimed at beginner and advanced users of TANGO.

The morning was dedicated to introducing newcomers to the concepts of TANGO, how to write a device server and deploy it in a TANGO-based control system.

The afternoon was spent discussing hot topics in the TANGO community. These included abstract classes, web, patterns, eclipse, events, atk, hardware repository etc.

Here are (most) of the presentations from the workshop :

  • Coffee
  • Welcome (Andy Götz) (pdf, open office)
  • Introduction to TANGO (Alain Buteau)
  • Device Server Tutorial (Andy Götz) (pdf, open office)
  • Installing TANGO (Claudio Scafuri) (pdf, open office)
  • Client Overview (Nicolas Leclercq)
  • Client live demos
  • Matlab (Nicolas Leclercq)
  • Labview (Nicolas Leclercq),
  • Atk (Faranguiss Poncet)
  • Python (Claudio Scafuri) (pdf, open office)
  • Qt (Claudio Scafuri) (pdf, open office)
  • Kernel developments (Jens Meyer)
  • Eclipse and TANGO (Tony Lam) (powerpoint)
  • Alarms (Lorenzo Pivetta) (pdf)
  • Configuring polling (Emmanuel Taurel)(powerpoint)
  • Web (Claudio Scafuri) (pdf, open office)
  • How to build a TANGO system ? (Jens Meyer)

    All participants of the workshop have received a TANGO CD which has an installation of TANGO for Windows and Unix like platforms plus all related packages and Eclipse.